Sample Hunting Secrets

How to Find Dozens of Unique Samples Without Hours of Digging

After years of making sample-based beats, I’ve discovered these hidden tactics for finding rare sampling material online.

These tactics might seem strange, but they kickstart the sample hunting process and uncover unique sounds within minutes.

If you’ve ever struggled to find dope samples, then keep reading for an easier way.

Can you really find dope samples in just a few minutes?

We both know the importance of unique samples. Without them, your music is like everyone else’s. Even when you use different production techniques, reusing samples makes you sound like a clone.

But finding unique sampling material is difficult. It could take hours to sort through enough tracks to find a single sample worth using. In fact, plenty of producers spend more time digging for material than making beats.

The key to sample hunting is knowing where, and how, to look. This helps you find high-quality sounds on a consistent basis. And you won’t have to settle for second-hand samples that have already been flipped by countless other producers.

Here’s how to make sample hunting effortless

If you want to find better samples in less time, then you’ll love this short ebook I put together called Sample Hunting Secrets.

The ebook contains 10 chapters, each revealing a little-known method to find dope samples within minutes. So instead of wondering where your next sample will come from, you’ll be able to effortlessly locate them quickly and precisely.

Here’s what’s inside:

This ebook is packed with tactics and resources you won’t find anywhere else, and you can get it for 50% off when you order today.

Warning: the old way of sample hunting is costing you

You’ve probably heard that crate digging is supposed to be hard. I used to think the same thing…

But this belief is holding you back. Here’s why: 

The longer it takes to find samples, the less time you’ll have to make beats. In the long run, this will stunt your growth as a producer. That’s why it’s important to learn how to dig for samples more efficiently, so you can outpace the competition.

You can easily find samples without stifling your creativity

Of course, sampling is all about creativity. And sourcing samples is a part of the creative process.

The methods inside Sample Hunting Secrets are adaptable to any style of production. Whether you make lo-fi, trap, or boom bap beats, you’ll get the tools to find exactly what you need.

In just a few minutes, you’ll get secrets that took me years to learn

Now, you might be wondering why I’m sharing the secret sauce. After all, most producers keep their secrets under wraps to maintain a competitive advantage… 

The reason I’m willing to share is simple. I’ve accumulated so much knowledge about sampling, but I don’t make music as often as I used to. So, instead of letting all this information go to waste, I’ve decided to put my knowledge to good use. Now I’m happy to share with aspiring producers who are passionate about sampling. 

You’ll get full access to these secrets risk free

This is the single best guide to finding samples. In fact, it’s the only training available on the subject. I’m so confident that you’ll get plenty of value from this ebook that it’s backed by a guarantee. 

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