Flute Samples: The Best Flute Sample Packs in 2023

Looking for the best flute samples for your music project? We found 12 of the best flute samples and loops available today.

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In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best flute samples available today.

These sample packs offer a range of different styles, and capture the essence of the original instruments.

Best All-Around Flute Samples

Flute 1 by Image Sounds

Flute 1 by Image Sounds is a collection of live flute recordings by professional musicians. It can be used for a variety of genres, including pop, funk, chill out, lounge, hip hop, jazz or rock.

The pack includes 383 loops with tempos that range between 90 BPM – 110 BPM. Each loop contains tempo and key information, and its total file size is 265 MB.

Flute 1

265 MB
383 Flute Loops
24Bit and 44.1 KHz
Royalty free license

Flute 2 by Image Sounds

Flute 2 by Image Sounds is another flute loop pack that consists of live flute sounds optimized and recorded in 24Bit and 44.1 KHz.

This instalment has slower tempos and mellow tones, designed to capture the natural sound of the instrument.

The pack features 512 flute loops in different musical styles. Its tempos range between 67 BPM – 97 BPM, and has a total file size of 328 MB.

Flute 2

328 MB
512 Loops
24Bit and 44.1 KHz
Royalty free license

Best Ethnic Flute Samples

Ethnic Woodwind by Organic Loops

Ethnic Woodwind consists of an exotic array of flutes, pipes and woodwind instruments from around the world.

It contains samples, loops, one shots and impacts recorded on a variety of rare ethnic woodwind instruments.

Ethnic Woodwind

1.51 GB
127 Woodwind Phrases
24Bit and 44.1KHZ
32 Soft Sampler Patches
Royalty free license

Chinese Woodwind by Loopmasters

Chinese Woodwind consists of flute recordings influenced by traditional Chinese melodies.

It contains a variety of samples, loops and one shots recorded by professional musicians.

Chinese Woodwind

2.46 GB
24Bit and 44.1KHZ
923 Rex2 Files
1 Soft Sampler Patch
Royalty free license

Indian Bamboo Flute by Black Octopus

Indian Bamboo Flute is a complete sample pack inspired by the flute sounds of India.

It contains loops ranging from 80-100 BPM, one-shots and atmospheres with both wet and dry mixes. 

Indian Bamboo Flute

242 Flute Loops
30 Flute Atmospheres
52 Flute Freestyles
65 Flute One Shots
Royalty free license

Indian Bansuri Flute by Organic Loops

Indian Bansuri Flute is a collection of authentic flute parts.

It contains a range of loops in different keys, tempos and playing styles.

Indian Bansuri Flute

2.26 GB
24Bit and 44.1KHZ
128 Dry Ensemble Flute Loops
122 Wet Ensemble Flute Loops
2 Soft Sampler Patches
Royalty free license

Arabian Flutes by IQ Samples

Arabian Flute Loops contains 215 unique loops recorded in a professional studio environment.

It includes melodies for all Keys/Scales, and is suitable for a wide range of genres.

Arabian Flutes

569 Mb
24 bit samples
122 BPM
215 Arabian Flute Loops
13 Bonus Loops
10 Bonus Midi Files
Royalty free license

World Woodwind Series – Oriental Ney by EarthMoments

The Oriental Ney Bundle is a library of 246 ethnic Ney flute loops played by professional musicians.

This pack is influenced by one of the oldest musical instruments, the Ney.

World Woodwind Series: Oriental Ney

24 bit and 96kHz
246 Ney Flute Loops and samples
Royalty free license

Best Mellow Flute Samples

Live Series: Chilled Flutes by Famous Audio

Chilled Flutes is a collection of ambient flute melodies played by professional musicians

It contains 300 flute loops (dry & wet versions) in 5 different tempos – 80BPM, 90BPM, 100BPM, 120BPM, 140BPM. All loops are labeled with the correct key and tempo information.

Chilled Flutes

24 Bit Quality
956 MB
300 Flute Loops (150 dry – 150 wet)
Royalty free license

Jazz Lounge Flute by Frontline Producer

Jazz Lounge Flute is a collection of lounge-influenced flute recordings.

It contains 319 loops in tempos ranging from 80-140BPM. All loops have been labeled with both tempo and key information.

Jazz Lounge Flute

363 MB
24Bit and 44.1KHZ
319 Loops
Royalty free license

Best Trap Flute Samples

Flute Essentials by Kits Kreme

Flute Essentials features live recorded flutes from around the world.

It contains 40 loops that are labeled with tempo information.

Flute Essentials

112 MB
40 Melodic Loops
24-Bit WAV Format
Royalty free license

Trap Flutes by LBandyMusic

Trap Flutes is a collection of flutes influenced by a Trap style.

It includes 60 flute loops with tempos ranging from 98-165 BPM in a variety of keys and scales.

It also comes with a bonus pack of miscellaneous loops (Drums, Keys, Bells, 808s and more) and a folder of MIDI files so you can use the melodies with other sounds.

Trap Flutes

203 MB
60 Flute Loops & Samples
50 MIDI Files
30 Extra loops (Drums, 808s, Bells, Keys etc.)
Royalty free license

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