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How A “Lazy” Producer
Finds 8 to 12 Samples
in 4 Minutes or Less

New Report Reveals An Automated Process That Allows You To Hunt Up To 10x More Samples Without Crate Digging, Buying Records or Leaving Your House…
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If you’re too lazy to spend hours digging for samples…

Force Multiplier is a counterintuitive approach to sample hunting.

Instead of wasting time searching for sampling material, we multiply our efforts with the help of intelligent algorithms.

This is done through a simple two-step process which uses AI to increase our results by 10x on average.

Even better, this strategy not only saves hours of digging, but delivers better results.

Now it’s possible to eliminate the burden of sample hunting and spend more time making music.

Inside this special report, you’ll learn the entire strategy for yourself, step by step.

What’s Included

  • The real reason you spend hours searching for samples. (It’s not your fault! 95% of producers make the same mistake.)
  • The secret to finding up to 12 samples in 4 minutes or less. This simple formula shows you how to maximize every minute you spend searching for samples.
  • A simple hack that jumpstarts your sample hunting process – even if you have no clue where to begin. This shortcut is a quick and easy way to find samples whenever you get stuck.
  • How to offload the sample hunting process so you can focus on making beats. This tactic alone will save you hours of crate digging so you look like a musical genius!
  • And more!

Use Force Multiplier to explode your productivity.

If you’ve been dreading the burden of crate digging, Force Multiplier will reignite your passion for sampling. 

It generates a steady flow of sampling inspiration so you’ll have more time to experiment with different sounds and techniques, putting you back in control over the creative process.

No more feeling bogged down by inefficient search techniques.

You can finally remove the biggest bottleneck in your workflow, so that making music becomes smoother and more seamless.

Don’t waste another minute digging for samples…

Each hour you spend searching could be spent creating.

Try it today and finally get your time back.

Product Details

  • PDF Guide: 15-page guide with step-by-step instructions.
  • 30 Days of Support: Contact us for help with any of the material covered in this guide.
  • Product Updates: Get access to updates to this product.


Who is this strategy for? Beginners or advanced producers?

Both! It helps producers of all skill levels find more sampling material in less time.

Does Force Multiplier help to find royalty free samples?

No. This strategy helps you find music to sample. It doesn’t work for loops, software instruments, or MIDI packs.

Can I get help if I have questions?

For sure! Just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Refund Policy

Try Force Multiplier for 30 days and collect more samples than ever before.

Either you slash the time it takes to find new sampling material, or you’ll get your money back. Just shoot us a message and we’ll return your entire purchase.