Now you can use this iconic sampler for pennies on the dollar

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Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and J Dilla – what do these producers have in common?

Besides the fact that they’re legends, they’ve all used the same sampler to create iconic beats.

And now you can make beats with the same gear for just a fraction of the cost.

How to use the SP-1200 with your DAW

For context, the SP-1200 is a legendary sampler machine. It helped create some of the greatest hip-hop beats ever made.

Until recently, the only way to get the SP-1200 was to invest thousands of dollars in the hardware. But recently, Inphonik released the RX1200, a 12-bit sampler instrument modelled after the original SP-1200 from 1987.

RX1200 is a 12-bit sampling software that aims to emulate the iconic SP-1200, but with some deviations. While it doesn’t precisely replicate the SP-1200, it offers a range of features reminiscent of the classic sampler.

Sampling with the RX1200

RX1200 boasts a variety of features tailored for hip-hop production. With 55 presets available, ranging from 8 to 32 presets per bank, the software provides a decent starting point for your sampling needs.

Key features include tuning, decay, mixing, panning, and the ability to load samples effortlessly. There are built-in filters for further sound manipulation, along with options for speed adjustments, fine-tuning, and gain control.

It also offers robust sample manipulation capabilities. You can drag and drop samples directly into the software, edit them using the intuitive interface, and apply various effects such as normalization, truncation and reversing. However, some users may find the absence of loop modes and the inability to spread samples across keys limiting.

One of the standout features of RX1200 is its 12-bit sound quality, which adds a distinct texture to tracks. It gives them a unique sonic character without having to use additional plugins.

Take a listen for yourself:

What others have to say…

Like I said, the SP-1200 has a notable history in hip-hop.

Here’s an example:

Everything that you ever heard from me back in the day was the SP-1200. That machine made ‘Reminisce’ [‘They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)’], ‘Straighten It Out,’ ‘Shut ‘Em Down,’ ’Jump Around.’

Pete Rock

And another:

I worked with Jay-Z and did all of Reasonable Doubt on the SP-1200. For ‘Dead Presidents,’ everything was made on the SP, man: the whole sequence, the drum sounds, the Nas sample. The only thing that wasn’t done on the SP was the sample, [but] I ran it through it to give it that sound.

Ski Beatz

And if that’s not enough, here’s another happy user:

That’s how we got a lot of beats, like on ‘Machine Gun Funk’ by Biggie and ‘Everything Remains Raw’ by Busta Rhymes. Anyone can loop but I created techniques on [the SP-1200] that nobody had ever used or was even thinking about.

Easy Mo Bee

How to get it for yourself

The RX1200 is definitely a fun plugin to use. Priced at $29, it offers reasonable value for money considering its features and capabilities.

While there are alternatives available, the software’s extensive preset library and sample manipulation tools make it a worthwhile investment for producers looking to explore the 12-bit sampler sound.

You can pick up the new RX1200 plugin here.

Overall, RX1200 presents a compelling option for music producers interested in the nostalgic charm of 12-bit sampling. Its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and integration with popular DAWs make it a versatile tool for creative sampling.

RX 1200
Check price
  • 12-bit sampler instrument
  • SSM2044 low-pass filter emulation
  • 32 slots across 4 banks of 8 pads

While it may not replicate the SP-1200 entirely, RX1200 offers enough functionality to stand on its own as a capable sampler among today’s options.

If you’re looking for a vintage vibe with that 12-bit texture, RX1200 is definitely worth checking out.

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