Lost Treasures

Here’s How You Can Download 20,000 Rare Records – Completely Free – Thanks to a Legal Loophole Passed by Congress

Buried in 200 pages of US copyright law is a clause that permits you to download 20,000+ vinyl recordings for free. 

You won’t find these LPs for purchase because they’re rare and out of circulation. And you won’t find them mentioned on blogs or social media because they’ve been hidden from the public. 

But a recent amendment to copyright law makes it possible to unlock them for yourself, if you know where to look.

So many records it will make your head spin

The collection includes a variety of rare music from the 20th century. Inside, there’s something for everyone. You’ll find genres ranging from Funk, Soul, Jazz, Folk, World and more. 

You can easily sort through the collection to find what you’re looking for. The music is accurately cataloged, and you can narrow your search with filters.

In fact, this collection is so expansive that it would take you months to browse through it all. And new records are added each week.

In the past, music companies held a monopoly on their backlog material. They could decide whether to sell it commercially, or lock it away completely.

But a new bill passed by US Congress includes a hidden clause that unlocks these records. Now, these lost records can be accessed by anyone who’s diligent enough to find them. 

Access to these records won’t last forever

Sooner or later these greedy record companies will remove our access. According to the bill, all they have to do is re-release them commercially, and the clause will be nullified. 

It’s only a matter of time before Spotify, Apple or another streaming platform signs a deal to retrieve the lost records for themselves.

But before that happens, you have a chance to claim them for yourself.

How to unlock the lost treasure for yourself

If you want to gain access to this secret collection, you just need to follow a few easy steps. 

I explain everything inside a short 20-page report called Lost Treasures.

Here’s what’s inside:

The Real Value of This Collection

The average selling price for a vinyl record on eBay is $15. Lost Treasures shows you how to legally download over 20,000 of them. That’s over $300,000 retail value!

But most of these records are worth much more than $15…

Inside the report, you’ll learn about the ultra-rare “ghost records” buried inside the collection. These are recordings that don’t exist anywhere else on the Internet (these records don’t even have Wikipedia entries). Acquiring just one of them is priceless because there’s no one else selling it.

Get Access Today

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced collector, you’re guaranteed to find valuable records if you follow this manual. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to legally expand your digital record collection.

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