3 Production Tips From The Alchemist’s Latest EP

Al the Chemist returns from the lab with a new EP. Here are the biggest takeaways…

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Let’s continue…

On June 30, 2023, the Alchemist released a new EP called Flying High.

And in just 4 tracks, he revealed the recipe for producing minimalistic sample-based beats.

Here are 3 takeaways:

1) Less is more

Each track on Flying High is a masterclass on simplicity.

What stands out most is what the Alchemist chooses NOT to do.

  • He does NOT chop samples
  • He does NOT use drum breaks
  • He does NOT use additional percussion

Instead, he sticks to the source material, thickens the bass line, and gives the artist room to work.

2) Let the samples do the talking

Flying High is filled with speech from different sources.

Each sample contributes to the theme of the song. For example, the song Trouble Man includes an eerie monologue that makes references to drugs (a great sample!).

Even on the instrumental versions, the beats feel complete because they’re supported with vocal samples.

3) Limit the effects

The Alchemist shows that you don’t need heavy processing to keep a track interesting.

Sometimes, all you need is a low-pass filter that adds variety to an existing loop. Or an echo that adds dynamics to a vocal sample.

But here’s the biggest takeaway:

Even in 2023, with the latest advances in audio manipulation and AI tools, the Alchemist doubles down on simplicity.

Truth is, you don’t need fancy gear or techniques to make a successful beat.

All you need are good samples and the fundamentals.

But don’t let this simple formula fool you.

Creating minimalist beats like the Alchemist might be simple … but it ain’t easy.

It requires endless hours of digging, listening to audio, and perfecting your craft.

Avoid This Common Mistake…

The last thing to remember is this:

You can learn all the skills, tactics, and tools in the world…

But nothing will save your beats if you choose the wrong samples.

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